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Al-Faahizuun Schools – Knowledge & Piety
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Welcome to Al-Faahizuun Schools

We believe that Islam places high value on acquiring knowledge, which is an overall development of the brain, body, mind hausarbeit schreiben lassen and soul. This is why we uniquely blend Islamic and secular learning together with uncommon mastery.

About Us

With good and experienced teachers and a real focus on academic, moral and spiritual excellence, you can rely on us to provide affordable, quality and satisfactory education. We don’t just give our students education and experiences that set them up for success in a career, we help them discover a field they’re passionate about and dare them to lead it. Our well-equipped school environment provides students with the perfect space to enjoy both curricular and extra-curricular activities, making their learning experience more enjoyable. Our teaching staff also understand that the basic education of students is crucial to building a strong foundation required for their growth and development.

Why Us?

Child Development

We focus on the overall development of the child, thus enabling academic learning and personal ghostwriter preise growth.

Excellent Education

We provide a solid foundation that allows for the development of the child into a sound and reputable child

Extra - Curricular Activities

We also include extra-curricular activities in our programme to enhance the learning environment and also the development of the child.

Soft Skills Development

We don’t only teach academics, we also teach our students soft skills that will help their future development.

Personality Development

We ensure that the child develops into a disciplined, morally upright and responsible child.

Qualified Teachers

Our exceptional and experienced teachers work together to provide an exciting environment for learning, as well as take care of the well-being of the children.

Our Programmes

Primary Programme

The school runs a Nursery and Primary that aims at developing young minds and preparing them for the secondary level.

O- Level Programme

The school runs Nigeria’s Junior & Senior Secondary Curricula. Also, JAMB/ WAEC standards are used to prepare the students for promotional examinations.

Arabic Classes

The school also runs Arabic classes from Fridays to Sundays to build the students in their spiritual lives and improve their knowledge of the holy Quran.

Enroll Your Wards Today!

Pupils can seek admission into any class at both primary and secondary levels except JSS3 and SS3 and must sit for and pass our entrance examination.

The entrance examinations for 2022/ 2023 will hold on specific days which can be seen on the admissions page. Please download and complete the application form which should be brought with you to the examination centre.

For more enquiries, please call:
+2347057646142 or +2347064685544 or +2348032220319

or E-mail: